Financial and Other Services

The firm offers legal consultancy in financial operations for clients and specifically, the following:

  • 1

    Loan syndication, securitization, commercial papers, private placements and financing escrow arrangements;

  • 2

    Mortgage, debentures, bonds, liens, charges and related transactions;

  • 3

    Mergers and Acquisitions, reconstruction and structuring of corporate entities for companies and financial institutions and related comprehensive due diligence investigations;

  • 4

    Project finance, asset-based finance, debt finance, lease finance and offshore venture capital for various investment projects in and outside Nigeria;

  • 5

    Due diligence checks and legal advice on investment proposals for the acquisition and financing of petroleum operations;

  • 6

    General legal advice and structuring of third party contracts;

  • 8

    Rendering legal advice to offshore financial institutions on a variety of legal and regulatory issues including but not limited to the ability to trade locally in Nigerian domestic securities, investment and banking regulations, securities trading, the enforceability of foreign currency derivatives transactions under Nigerian Law, investments in Nigerian Money Market instruments, foreign exchange control issues and repatriation of investments proceeds, etc;

  • 9

    • Legal advice and representation with regard to government regulatory and compliance issues, including permitting, licensing and related ministerial and administrative approvals;

  • 10

    Legal consultancy in relation to organizing in-house workshops/training for financial institutions in Nigeria designed to enhance operational, managerial and professional capacity aimed at better positioning legal officers in meeting the ever increasing challenges of their offices;

  • 11

    Related litigation and representation at special tribunal.