Maritime Law & Practice

We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients in the shipping industry, which services include the following:

  • 1

    FPSO and FSO and tanker storage vessels acquisition and financing including; international charters and leases and structured financing in respect of same

  • 2

    Ship and vessel procurements, mortgages and lease financing including syndications, securitization and asset sales.

  • 3

    New building including repair and conversion contracts and related documentation.

  • 4

    Registration of vessels within jurisdiction and flagging out in all jurisdictions, as well as other regulatory authority approvals.

  • 5

    Contracts of carriage; charter parties, contracts of affreightment, ship management, agency and crewing agreements.

  • 6

    Maritime liens; arrest and attachment of vessels.

  • 7

    Labor and employment matters related to vessel crewing and rig workers.

  • 8

    Maritime casualties; collision, fire, groundings, general average, salvage and towage, maritime and rig financing, cargo loss or damage claims, including bulk and containerized carriage.

  • 9

    Port development projects and privatization.

  • 10

    Oil pollution and environmental matters and negotiations in respect thereof.

  • 11

    Civil and commercial litigation.